Rocky Mountain College


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Has anyone here heard good or bad things about this college? They have an aviation department at their school and any info would be appreciated.

I lived in Billings for quite some time, and recieved my private at the FBO where the rocky students fly. I also know a couple of previous/current students.

I'm now at flightsafety, so I have quite a unique view. RMC has a very good name in the area for being an excellent school and I have heard nothing but good from the students who fly there. They have access to 152's, 172's, 172rg's. (this may not be current). No twins. All were kept quite clean/airworthy. The chief pilot is great, and most instructors seemed good. Like most places, there are always a few to stay away from. (don't be afraid to change if you feel your instructor is not the best available to you)

I have no knowledge of the hiring statistics for graduates.

My only problem with suggesting RMC is that the cost is going to run nearly parallel to ERAU, and you will not leave with ERAU on your resume. If you you already have a degree under your belt, or intend on getting your ratings prior to college, I would suggest FSI. (ERAU & FSI assuming you want to fly for a major)

Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Email me anytime if you have any questions.