Rochester ESL Airshow.


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All in all, a great performance by many different acts at KROC. Dont worry Doug, I hosted these on another site.:) The one thing I noticed is the announcer taking some liberties on the crowd such as saying the Thunderbirds were doing a 1000mph pass when in reality they were probably somewhere around 400-500 knots. How should the announcer expect us to believe us to believe that when the sound barrier is somewhere around 600 knots? I am pretty sure I did not hear a sonic boom.:buck:

Another F18 Pic:

Army Parachuting Team(The "Biplane"):

Geico Extra 300:

Brief Intermission to let some airline traffic in.:


The Typical Shot:

Ed Hamil and his Biplane:


Some more f15 Pics:



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Thats about 860 knots or so, so depending on altitude and temperature he might not be rediculously far off. I'm too lazy to look up the temps that day or the airport elevation, but anyway.... He was probably still "enhancing" it a bit but not as bad as if it were sea level/standard temp.


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He probably means 1000 kts closure. Each plane, like you said, is doing around 500 or so. From the pilots standpoint, the other aircraft is going 1000 kts ;)


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You caught me there! Though I wish I was flying the yellow planes, I was in the white plane with the blue stripe in the back. Great shots!