Robin Hood/Stash/Millenial Investing

So what is the advantage to contributing to a Roth IRA in addition, vs just making your employee 401k contributions as Roth? The latter is what I have been doing for the last few years, to IRS limits. That being said, that type of investment isn't what I think we are really talking about here (?)
No RMDs, penalty free withdrawals for certain life events
If you’re on second year or later pay at a major you probably don’t meet the income limits for the roth IRA
I’ve been trying to educate myself on investing, and these seem like good options for complete newbs like myself. I like that you can try Stash for $5, people pay more for games on their phone! Has anyone else used one of these apps?
First: There is no such thing as "Millennial Investing". There is just "investing". (If you really believe there is, you will soon and painfully learn otherwise.)



Go ahead, Scrow, I dare you! It's ALL Bitcoin these days! Maybe you need a refresher course.

By no means should one EVER invest in a company that actually makes real products and relies upon demonstrable sales figures and profits to justify it's market cap.

Go ahead! I'm READY! Call me a "Boomer", even though I'm not one.

I'm just a random 'tard who happens to believe that REALITY represents that which is measurably REAL.

Lord help them like me in our current age.
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