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Riddle\'s requirments

I am so glad I found this site, it's exactly what I have been looking for. Anyway, Embry Riddle is one of the universities I am looking into going to and I would like to know if any of you know Riddle's requirements for incoming students out of high school?
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Call the school. They will have the most current numbers. They will also have advise for helping yourself out if your weak in an area.
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Hey KDP!
I have been doing some extensive reasearch on Riddle, specifically the Daytona Beach Campus. I am very serious about going there. I have read alot of books and averages about all kinds of numbers on getting into ERAU. I'll give you the info you were looking for!! OK here it goes!
Student to faculty ratio- 22:1
Enrollment- Male 85%, Female 15%
78% of freshmen return for sophmore year.
Admissions- 2442 freshmen applied- 78% were accepted, 50% of that 78% attended.
Average highschool GPA- 3.25
Avg. SAT verbal-535
Avg. SAT math-567
Avg. ACT composite-24

Hope you found this Info helpfull, Ill check back to see if you have any other questions. Good Luck!!
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Hey KDP, here is what you could call the skinny on riddle... I went to both campuses, and graduated from PRC last april, and now am enrolled in their extended campus program getting two master's degrees... I went through the flight program, but got a degree in Airline Management, not the Air Science degree.

First of all, the entry requirements for ERAU: Not much, honestly if you can speak english, graduated high school with higher than a 2.0 and can pay the tuition, you can get into Riddle (hey I love Riddle, but Im just telling the truth).

The PRC campus is much older, but is in the midst of being completely redone, it has some new dorms, new academic complex is under plans, and thank god, a new library soon. The DAB campus is brand spanking new, and everything is very nice their, but the flight program is not as nice as PRC... they have many problems with overcrowding, and aircraft/flight instructor availability.

Riddle has undergone an interesting change in the past year, it was decided by the board of trustees that if they raised tuition 70% that they would attract a better, more qualified student body. This hasnt seemed to happen, atleast in Prescott. Now you have some very spoiled kids driving mommy and daddie's new firebird or camaro, and thinking they are god's gift to the world. It is a shame, and I know a bunch of my friends up there are quite sick of the freshmen class. That said, they have done a decent job of attracting more women, especially to prescott... there is about a 8:1 ratio this year, while my first year there, it was more like 12:1... Not that Im in school just to meet women, but i do like a diversity in class, not just 25 white republican males who fly airplanes... it makes for some boring discussions in class.

UND is about the same as ERAU, but you have to deal with some horrendous weather there.. I know people who get weathered from flights for a month of longer during the winter, so between the two, Riddle is the better option. Of the two campuses, go to DAB if you want a fun, partying, beach, Spring Break type of college experience. Go to PRC if you want to learn, enjoy the outdoors and prefer a better flying experience. Also in PRC you graduate with roughly 70 hours of Multi-Engine, in DAB only 15... you wont need to get a MEI or build any ME time to get hired on out of PRC. Hope this helps, let me know
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Actually, you get closer to 30 hours at DAB. Maybe I'm missing something, but why would you want to pay for 70 hours dual ($205 an hour in the Seminole), when you only need to pay for a bit less than 30? I,personally, would rather just spit some time with a friend.
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Thanks for all you help. I really appreciate it.
I thinking about going to the Daytona Beach Campus. I love Florida's weather, I love flying, and I'm looking for a good school to attend. I guess ERAU gives it to me all in one. Thanks
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Can you tell me the approximate age of the students at ERAU (either campus)..

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I would say that the average student age is a bit older than at other schools. Many of us are ex-military. How old are you??
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Couple of questions...I'm a junior in high school and beginning to look at colleges. I know that i want to fly for a living after college. My first question has to with my grades...my cumulative is like a 2.7 and i have struggled with math pretty much my whole life and maintained around a C average in it all through HS. I was wondering if that might be a problem in the long of me becomming a professional pilot. My second question has to do with colleges. I have done some research and have heard a couple of differnt things. I was wondering whether or not it would be better to attend a school that consentrates on flight training as well as college education (like ERAU)and begin to build up flight time or if it would be better to go to a regular four year school and then go to something like an ATP or ComAir acedemy that focuses specificaly on airline pilot training?
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I don't think that your problems in math would cause you to be any less of a pilot. All schools will require you to have a couple math classes, and the math in those classes will be hard than any math you will do as a pilot. Make sure you prepare carefully for your SAT/ACT test. That will be a major factor in determining what school you can get into.

I would begin my flight training as soon as possible. Not only will you be building hours while your in school, you can also make some extra money as a CFI. Ultimately, that is a question of personal preference.