RewAArd for Info?


I have heard many stories from my mom about how fun the airlines used to be back in the 70's. There was a story about these pilots who had caught far too much sun while in the Carribean on the layover. The uniform was very uncomfortable against their burnt skin, so they flew home in their skivies. When one of the FA's went up to the cockpit to give them drinks, she picked up their clothes on the way out. They were given back before landing, however for the flight everyone was having a good laugh, and when it got back to HQ there were only laughs none of the rubbish you would see today.

This story was bought up on a different board and one guy said that at a certain airline (no nAAmes) employees get rewarded for informing management about anything their fellow co-workers are up to. Is this true?
Sadly, it does happen. There is a ticket agent that lovvvveeesss turning people in. Its not a very good way to make friends with the co-workers though.