Reversing on MD-80s


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For all of you pilots flying jets with engines mounted near the tail: if you reverse right after touch down, will the aircraft remain in a noe-up attitude for a while before your nose touches down?
If you go into reverse before the nosewheel touches the ground, it'll want to remain in that nose high attitude unless you decrease yoke pressure.
Most Citations prohibit pulling out the T/Rs (Thrust rev)until the nose is on the ground. In the Citation X, if you pull them out with the nose up, you WILL leave the ground again! It is very tail heavy, you must fly the nose to the ground after the mains touch. The nose resists coming down on its own.
The C-550 had a very pronounce nose lift when deploying the T/R's, you had to hold forward pressure on the yoke.

The C-650 is less pronounced and I often will pop the T/R's after speed brakes / spoilers with the nose still up, now mind you I don't add any thrust, I just let the nose stay up useing aerodynamic brakeing and gently lower the nose down as the energy dissapates.
In the CRJ, you have to physically hold the nose off the ground with a great deal of back pressure at idle reverse. If you try to hold the nose off at max reverse, it will pretty much stay in a nose-up attitude.