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Hi everyone,

Quick question for those who are good with resumes. I have worked as an independent contract flight instructor at a flying club off and on for the last 2 years. I did this while I was a student when I was home from school. Now I'm working there waiting for the economy to turn around. How do I list the dates for employment? I have also worked at two other related jobs during the same time period. I dont want my jobs to be out of order, but I dont know what order to put them in.



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Just put your jobs in sequential order starting with the earliest start date. All that matters is that there is some sort of logical sequence to it, and start date tends to be the easiest way to do it.


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What if your a young guy, and your job experience consists of two "real" jobs, followed by a movie theater and grocery store bagboy? Should those even be on there?


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Depends on how your resume is looking. You definatly want to keep it to one page. So if there is room for them, personally I'd put them on, if not, them leave em off unless the job can somehow add something to your resume the interviewer would consider valuable.