Resume question


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I am looking for guidance on what pilot information to include on a non-flying aviation resume.

Would you just put your certification only? How about ratings and endorsements ? Would you break down any of your flying time?

The resume is targeted for an airport operations job.

Thank you.


I put it in my extras section... whatever you want to title that section, usually something like "Additional Skills and Certifications" or whatever. They wont care about flight time, category, class, or types. You only put it there because it shows you're trainable, have diversity of interests/skills, and it will make you look more interesting than other candidates. It's always been a point of interest in non-flying interviews for me and I think it's a very worthwhile addition.

However, an astute hiring manager is going to ask you about your motivation and goals. He/she may be thinking "are you just looking at the job we are offering until you can go fly 747's?", regardless how ridiculous that might sound they will think it, so be sure you put that question to ease even if it's not spoken by explaining it as a hobby.