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What kind of resources do you have for flight planning at FS (computers w/ internet access, telephones, desk space, etc)? Are they adequate for what you need? When I was there for my tour pre 9-11, there were a lot of people everywhere. I'm curious to know if you have more access to planning materials, rooms, and resources these days. Do most students essentially plan at home and just check the weather and file a flight plan at the school? Thanks in advance.
What you saw at your tour is probably what is there...On the flight line there are about 6-8 computers with access to internet. You'll see most guys accessing a DUATS account for weather. Also in that area there is plenty of table space so you can plan as you stand there. There are phones available to talk to the FSS. You'll only find a few large maps that aren't very helpful. I think most guys do their planning at home. I always found the accomadations to be adequate, I always could get on a computer, ahh..and there is an industrial printer to print all those DUATS reports out.
FSI provides internt access in the weather room for weather briefings. Sign up for a free account on .

Navigation logs and weather briefing sheets are also provided.

You will need to purchase a CR-3 whiz wheel and a plotter. A lot of students by electronic flight computers as well.