Reservations for NJC 2022 eats & fun.


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I’m working on making us some reservations for food and fun.

As of right now, this is the list of attendees.

Derg + wifey (me)
Avalon781ML + wifey
Eagle421flyer + wifey

Is there anyone else planning on attending that I need to account for as I make our reservations?
Is there anywhere specific our current attendees would like to go/do/eat?
Also, please let me know where you are staying. You can contact me on FB messenger or if you have my phone number, feel free to text :)

A few ideas that have been suggested so far:
Ellis Island has a new beer garden (The Front Yard)
The Laundry Room (Sin City speakeasy on Fremont)…a reservation of 4 can be made, so we’d need to make more than 1 reservation.
Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den (another speakeasy in the new Resorts World Casino, cat themed)
Skyfall (Mandalay rooftop lounge)
Battista’s Hole in the Wall (italian eatery)
Tommy Rockers (local hole in the wall)
Waldorf Astoria Tea Lounge (for afternoon tea of course)

We can modify as we go, I just want to get some reservations on the books so we’re not barred from any fun we had hoped to do.
We will not be in a suite this year, however, we are still staying at the Cosmo.


Mama Bear....
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OH anyone interested in taking a Lake Mead or Hoover Dam boat tour? I’m thinking since the water is getting so low, there will be some good stories to hear and it’d be a good time to do a tour since they may have to scrub the boat tours at some point if the lake keeps decreasing.


Mama Bear....
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Were it on the east coast, I'd do my best. Vegas is out of the question, sadly.
We’ve done quadrant NJC networking events in the past and they haven’t been overly productive. Vegas once a year has been the only location that has worked for 15+ years. My suggestion would be to find other JCers in your area and build a networking avenue from there. If you have a networking event in your area, we can try to be there. :)
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