Requesting your Medical Certification


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Hi Doc,

I went to a ATC PEPC and was told over the phone months ago I was granted my medical certification. I am currently cleared and just waiting on an OKC date, but I was never sent anything or given a medical certificate number, date of issuance or type of certificate, they just told me over the phone it was granted.

For my own personal records I want to get a copy of the certificate. I looked at the FAA website and only found the 8060-56 APPLICATION FOR REPLACEMENT OF LOST, DESTROYED, OR PAPER AIRMAN CERTIFICATE.

However I was never technically given a paper certificate so do I still fill out this form and can I send it in with just my personal information or do I need to find out the certificate # and other info.

Am I considered an Airmen and how do I go about getting a copy of my Medical Certificate for ATC?