Replacing a Registration Certificate...


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Anyone know how to go about replacing a lost/destroyed registration certificate? I checked the FAA website briefly, but did not find anything. Can they simply fax a copy like they do with lost pilot certificates?

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Hope this helps, You will need form 8050-1 and 8050-2 plus the bill of sale I believe...
FAA Forms can be found here

Sec. 47.49 - Replacement of Certificate.

(a) If a Certificate of Aircraft Registration is lost, stolen, or mutilated, the holder of the Certificate of Aircraft Registration may apply to the FAA Aircraft Registry for a duplicate certificate, accompanying his application with the fee required by §47.17.

(b) If the holder has applied and has paid the fee for a duplicate Certificate of Aircraft Registration and needs to operate his aircraft before receiving it, he may request a temporary certificate. The FAA Aircraft Registry issues a temporary certificate, by a collect telegram, to be carried in the aircraft. This temporary certificate is valid until he receives the duplicate Certicate of Aircraft Registration.

Sec. 47.17 - Fees.

(a) The fees for applications under this part are as follows:

(1) Certificate $5.00
of Aircraft
(2) Dealer's 10.00
(3) Additional 2.00
(issued to
same dealer)
(4) Special 10.00
number (each
(5) Changed, 10.00
reassigned, or
(6) Duplicate 2.00
Certificate of

(b) Each application must be accompanied by the proper fee, that may be paid by check or money order to the Federal Aviation Administration

Sec. 47.19 - FAA Aircraft Registry.

Each application, request, notification, or other communication sent to the FAA under this part must be mailed to the FAA Aircraft Registry, Department of Transportation, Post Office Box 25504, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73125, or delivered to the Registry at 6400 South MacArthur Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Sec. 47.31 - Application.

(a) Each applicant for a Certificate of Aircraft Registration must submit the following to the FAA Aircraft Registry --

(1) The original (white) and one copy (green) of the Aircraft Registration Application, AC Form 8050-1;

(2) The original Aircraft Bill of Sale, ACC Form 8050-2, or other evidence of ownership authorized by §§47.33, 47.35, or 47.37 (unless already recorded at the FAA Aircraft Registry); and

(3) The fee required by §47.17.