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Renter\'s Insurance

The FBO where I do my flying is going to require us to get renter's insurance starting the end of this month. I'm thinking of leaving them anyway, since they are so far away and my favorite instructor may not be going back there.

But I got to thinking that renter's insurance might be a good idea anyway, just to cover my butt. Anyone have any suggestions on where to look for this?
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AOPA, Avemco

Couple to start with anyway.
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I have it with AOPA it cost me $100ish. I think it is a good idea to have.
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AOPA is about $125 per year for liability (bodily injury & property damage - $250,000 per occurence, $25,000 per passenger).

As an option, you can throw in another $125 per year for liability (damage to non-owned aircraft - $5000)

This was based on my personal info. Your quote may vary.

Of course, you can spend more & get more coverage!

Check it out:

Hope this helps!