Renewal time again....


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hey there,

I need some clearification. Heres my situation. I have congenital strabismus which means i was born with out depth perception, which constitutes the fact that i have monocular vision. Anyways i applied for a First class medical last year and i came to the AME with a "Report of Eye Evaluation" form (form 8500-7) and the AME deferred the decision to OK City. The FAA did give me a 100% clean first class medical with no limitations whatsoever and now i need to renew it. Well when i go bakc to get my renewal, do i need that 8500-7 form again because nothing has changed since last year? Also, since i will put down under medical history "Previously reported no change," the AME shouldn't have to defer the decision to the FAA again, right? I'm assuming since everything will be the same from last year and the fact that i am RENEWING my first class medical he will just give me another first class medical with out the whole long drawn out process, right?.........thanks for the help.

What did the FAA send you when they told you a First Class was approved? If there is a letter stating you are qualified for a certificate, take a copy to the AME and just put down "previously reported, no change". The letter from the FAA will keep the matter clear.
I got a letter in the mail six months after the actual exam and the FAA said that i was approved for the first class medical and they had my medical with the letter. So me bringing that letter and stating "previously reported, no change" keeps me from having to present the 8500-7 form?

this is exciting and relieving news.
I don't remember the form number, but it was a Statement of Demonstrated Ability for my strabismus/amblyopia.

When I went in for a renewal, I showed the doc the SODA, and that was an "advance to go, collect $200" pass for the vision part of the visit. No problems.
yeah but the weird thing is that i was told by the faa that i didnt need a SODA. i was never diagnosed with amblyopia. Are you an airline pilot.
i called the medical division and was told that the regional flight surgeon looked at my file himself..(i took that with a grain of salt) but he also said that the fact that the RFS looked t my file personally was in my records. I was told that i had a clean medical and im looking at my medical right now and it says "none" under limitations. I was told that since i was born with the monocular problem it wasnt any hinderance and they said i was fit to fly.
alright ill get it too you asap.....but until i send it too you ill say it did say i was approved but ill let you interpret it.
yeah but the weird thing is that i was told by the faa that i didnt need a SODA. i was never diagnosed with amblyopia. Are you an airline pilot.

I have a Com/IA cert, and have renewed once, but with a SODA, which I was told was necessary. I was also diagnosed as monocular. Hmm.

Hopefully the Doc can help you out.

Best of luck!
thanks 88 yeah im startign to stress but hearing your take on it is quite helpful. thank you

No sweat. I'm no doc or FAA monkey, but with simple logic I'd say, if your approval form doesn't have an expiration date, and shows what condition you have, and already cleared you for a Class X medical, there's no reason they can deny you for something they already approved you for.

At least the hard part of getting the 1st approval is over with!
yueah i agree lol and i talked to Dr. Forred and he said i was good to go so im excited i have an appt next friday.
yeah the faa ppl said that i didnt need a soda because i had 20/20 in both eyes so hopefully i still have 20/20 becasue if one eye is like 20/25 then ill have to go through the whole dreaded process again ugh lol but anywho thanks for your help.
hey 88mph i had my medical and they let me pass go and collect $200 lol thanks for your help. and thank you Dr. Forred.