Regional to 135 Freight


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The only thing I missed from the regional was the ability to get 4 or 5 or so straight days off in a row, which is impossible on a package feeder schedule.


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If you got 2500 121 jet, you move to 135 and get PIC, that's fine.

Plenty of pilots at my shop that got in via that method, and hired here w/in the last 24 mos.

Not saying my job is the end-all-be-all by any stretch, merely using a real world demonstration of the options you could open up.


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Would some consider this a backwards move or a lateral?
Depends on what you want out of life. If flying a big jet with people watching you walk through the terminal building adds inches in your mind then its a step backwards. If you make more money and like your job then how is it backwards or lateral? People need to get out of the mindset that the more engines or more seats somehow equals success. I know guys flying a PC-12 that make more money than any regional Capt. and most "major" Capts that work a better schedule than a 20+ year international guy.
Its all about money and qol. Other than that who cares what it is? If someone payed me enough to fly a 152 I'd do it and laugh all the way to the bank (but they're not and I have no money in the bank so what do I know?).


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Depends on what your final goal is.

I'm going corporate or EMS so it was the way I went.
I doubt a major will put me high on the list if I ever apply.
I'm not saying it wouldn't happen, but someone with the same times and prior 121 experience would be a no brainer compared to someone who didn't have to think of passenger comfort daily.