Regional day schedules


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Is anybody aware of any regional airlines, large or small whose schedules operate Mon-Fri with very little or no weekend schedule? Even if its night freight/courier. I saw Doug's example with an almost "9-5 Mon-Fri" schedule which was interesting.
If anyone knows of/flies for/work for any of these airlines can you list them in a reply?
you should probably post this in the general area - you'd probably get much more response since it's more of a general avaition question!
Airlines that don't fly on weekends? You're kidding right?

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I'm afraid that it was also my first thought!

Skyway didn't fly many sundays because we were tageting the business traveler.

Skyway, and Midwest Express are also teetering on bankruptcy as well.
Most if not all passenger airlines large and small fly on the weekend. However, some of the Cargo Airlines don't fly on the weekend. Ameriflight doesn't fly on Saturday and Sunday and also get's all the bank holidays off.