Regional Airline Academy


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Anyone with any experience at Regional Airline Academy in Florida? I stumbled upon it doing a google search. The website is really vague, I called and talked to a guy that was helpful but of coarse they all do when you call so i'd like to hear from someone with experience.


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I did a tour of their DeLand facility about 3 years ago, and I was not impressed. The thing that really sent me packing was the fact that they said they take all the money and you cannot get it back. That made me run. I have heard horror stories about the place as well.


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i looked at that place last year too...

Stay away. that's all i can say.


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Funny story, someone who was giving me the tour said they used low wing airplanes because thats what the airlines used.

Hmmm, guess the DH-8 is not an airliner?


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I wouldn't touch that place with a 20' pole.

I would elaborate, but I don't have the time or energy today. Sorry.


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The one at Gateways Airport in Mesa, Arizona is no longer. They shut down about a month or so ago.....


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Well, their AZ operation moved to FFZ for awhile and finally closed their doors mid-November. I've flown in one of their airplanes, yikes! I also work with a few folks who have either lost tens of thousands of dollars after finishing their training, or had to sue to get it back.

Stay away!


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well their AZ facility is officially closed and i heard that in Deland FL ... they are sufering alot ...they sent emails to their employees lettin them know that they will pay only minimum wage for the people want to stay....
and i think Capt Program is a very bad shape...i am hearing alot of rumors going on and also at Epic Aviation..


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RAA has been through three different iterations in as many years. Haven't heard a good thing about any of them. Not sure I'd want to fly out of the madhouse that is Deland, either.