Redwing Aviation


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Anyone have any info on Red Wing Aviation? They are expanding in connection with XO and hiring a bunch into the Ultra. There is a 1 year $15,000 prorated training contract.


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General stuff. Employee morale, work experiences? General treatment by mgt? Daily grind stuff.

PS.. Thanks for replying.
From my friends that work there; things have improved significantly in the last few years. It’s not NetJets, there is an expectation of you to work, and there isn’t a whole lot of hand holding. They have their own Level D full motion sim that they do their training and checking in, schedules are bid on and can be traded between pilots, and the overall landscape with being acquired by XO has boosted morale.


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Skywest, Atlas, Breeze...
Yep, familiar with those and more. My point concerned Part 135 operators and whether they had previously resorted to the expat market to fill seats. I don't have the answer to that question. Skywest used to take E3s but haven't for some time IIUC.
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These guys allllllllways had jobs up on CT350 back in the day. The location is cool but I’m a bit sus of the working conditions