recommended joystick for MSFS2002?


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Hey, I just snagged a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick from Staples for $30. I know this is probably too pricey, so I'm curious if any of you have advice on a good joystick for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Can I get a good joystick for less? If so I'll return this one. Similarly... should I go for a force feedback joystick? Any advice on using MSFS with joysticks would be appreciated. Thanks!
I use a Microsoft Forcefeedback Sidewinder's pretty nice. It makes it alot easier to tell once you've hit the runway since it vibrates. Pretty cool... However, I prefer having a flight yoke. With a joystick it makes everyplane feel like an Airbus.


I use a Microsoft Forcefeedback Sidewinder joystick.....

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As do I and I'm very happy with it. Haven't had to recalibrate it very often either.