Recommendations on what to bring to OKC?


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Anyone have any thoughts on some stuff to bring? Stuff they wish they would've brought? Stuff they thought would be available in the rooms upon moving in but wasn't?

Thought this might be a useful thread to some of my fellow FOL receivers.


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toothbrush, toilet paper, underwear, shirts, shorts, socks, coke (coca-cola), snacks, shoes, undershirts, shampoo, computer, vodka, shotglasses, roadmap, car, keys to the car, pencil, paper, eraser, ps3, guitar hero, zanex, ibuprofen, ipod, deoderant, razor, backpack, clipboard, cellphone, 1st months rent money, food money, party money, spare money (in case you run out), voice recorder, camera, tent, ice scraper, lock deicer, windbreaker, swimming trunks, spicy chex mix, Space Balls the movie, sleeping pills, pillow, blanket, idiots guide to controlling planes, dictionaiery, etc...

at least thats all that was on my list. I feel like im missing something though since i dont have my list on me i had to recall from memory. If it comes to me ill let you know.


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:yup:HAHAHAHA.... LMAO..... You did not ask a stupid question but those are just very funny answers...... :laff: