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Just wanted to give everybody an update to what has been going on.

First congrats go out to Travis Kinda(TravDK) and Andy Polley(Stormchaser) for completing their training. Andy completed Instrument through all CFI ratings. Travis completed private through all CFI ratings, and both completed training in about 5 months. Andy and Travis have both found employment as CFI's and we wish them the best of luck.

Current student Jesse Owens is wrapping up training and CFI ratings and has been hired by White Air to instruct.

New students Eric and Charles have just started training with us this past couple weeks.

Neosho County Community College and White Air have agreed to team up and offer an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Aviation program to start in Fall 2009. I am currently putting together syllabi for these programs and working out all the details. We are excited about this partnership and it opens a lot of doors for financing and international students.

As always feel free to send my a PM with any questions or email me at