Rare visitor in Atlanta


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Normally the largest United plane you see in Atlanta is a A320 or 737. Apparently this 777 was in town for an unscheduled fuel stop. Taken Friday September 5th. If anyone else knows the details please chime in.


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It took a few days to catch up with the UAL capt (he had some lame excuse about "flying") that lives next door but he knew nothing about it. If he finds out anything, he'll let me know... then we all will.


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I saw a UAL 777 landing in LAS last week. Thats rare for LAS. We dont have a sports team so Im guessing it was a fuel stop.


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I was told it was flying from South America to IAD and needed fuel...I think it parked on E...I know the United employees in ATL were suprised when they got that call...they only get A320's or 737-300's all day long