Rainbow Air - Guaranteed Training, too good to be true?


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I've been looking around for helicopter and possibly combined with
fixed-wing training. I came across Rainbow Air which seems to have a
very unique program but sounds a little bit too good to be believable.
However it seems as though the operation has a good reputation in the


They are asking $60k, up front, for 13 licenses, including 450 rotary
hours + 350 fixed-wing. 100 of the rotary hours they claim will be
turbine hours, with a pilot who flies for TV reporting who is selling
his working hours to pilots who want to gain PIC time. Also, fixed
wing hours as co-pilot in an air ambulance...Program also includes an
"internship" which I believe means you instruct (for free) while
staying a student for insurance reasons.

So, the red flags are obvious. Guarantees, surprisingly enticing
extras, payment in advance. However, you are instructing for free,
cost seems to be about $10k over theoretical minimums for ratings.

Can anybody comment on whether they think such a deal is feasible?
What about the reputation of Rainbow Air? What about my reluctance to
pay any school (good rep or not) in advance without some kind of
insurance (since flight schools have been known to shut down without
refunding tuition).
That sounds a little too shady. I'm sure several people in here have been burned by paying up front. Never pay up front. Flight instructing for free? Don't do that. That just cheapens the industry. It's difficult as it is making a living as a CFI.
60k up front?

No way!

I also second what viper said... Flight instructing for free is definitely not cool. All the instructors I've ever met deserve far more than they're getting paid...
So, the red flags are obvious.

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Ditto what the others said. Those red flags are huge.

For what its worth, I'd never heard of them until now.

They are asking $60k, up front, for 13 licenses, including 450 rotary
hours + 350 fixed-wing.

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I would question this becasue if you read on their website under choosing an academy they state the following..

Financial Stability
Does the school give students the option to pay-as-you-fly?
Is there an ongoing record and log of each student’s financial transactions with the school, accounting for all monies deposited, used and available?
Does the school offer a fair and secure refund policy?
Rainbow Air Academy is proud to be a training institution, which answers,
“ YES” to all of the above questions in this checklist.

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or read for yourself HERE
Time building as SIC, Twin Piston airplane
Minimum 250 hrs No type rating,
SIC check Part 135

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it's a PFT operation. 250 hours of the above for only $10,000 what a deal!