Rainbow Air Academy?


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Anyone got any information about Rainbow Air?

Rental/Instruction rates compared to others
Quality of Instruction
Prospects of Instructing with them if you train with them


From their website it looks like they have a regular flight school but also a PFT thing goin on.

This program is geared towards Commercial Pilots with a current Instrument-Multiengine rating.
Candidates will go through first officer training on Turboprops or in Turbojets, under US FAR 135 flight operations with passenger and/or cargo.

This program is amongst the least expensive and highest value programs on the global flight training market today. It is also one of the most versatile, offering several types of aircraft to choose from. From piston twins like the C-402 or PA-31, to turboprop twins like the Beech 99, Beech 1900, and Metroliner, or twin turbojets like the Learjet 24, 25 and 35.

We also feature DC-3 time building for those who love vintage flight providing an extraordinary experience flying a DC-3 cargo plane daily across the border to Mexico.

The Candidate may purchase a minimum time block of 250 hours. The more time blocks are purchased in advance and the lower the hourly price will be. Rainbow Air Academy offers blocks of 250, 500, 1000, or 1250 hour of time building. Entry requirements for Turbojet aircraft are Total Time 500 hours of which 250 in turboprop or Total Time 1000 hours and 200 in Multi Engine aircraft.

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And people don't realize how there are quite a few of these companies doing the exact same thing, it's just that Gulfstream gets a lot of talk
I almost got checked out at Rainbow... glad I didn't, didn't know they had that program going on.

Anyway lapilot if you're still around check out Long Beach Flight Club right next door