Quick Instrument written question


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Got a quick question for you guys, I'm working on my aircraft performance questions on my Sporty's Instrument Pilot Test Prep App and came across these 2 identical questions but both use different methods of finding the wind.

The winds aloft are given to you in the question and you are suppose to solve for block 10 of the flight plan which is "EST. TIME ENROUTE".

Question 287 solves by interpolating the winds aloft while question ID 323 uses the wind entry closest to the flight planned altitude.

So which one is right? Am I suppose to solve for winds aloft by interpolating or using the wind entry closest to my flight planned altitude?

Here is an example of the question(ID-287):
(Refer to the FD excerpt below, and use the wind entry closest to the flight planned altitude.) Determine the time to be entered in block 10 of the flight plan.

Figures 32,33,34,35, 35 and 36; Flight Log & Mag VAR -->Figure 33; Rnav RWY 33 & Excerot from AFD -->Figure 36; 3000' -->2027, 6000' -->2239+13, 9000'-->2240+08, 12000'-->2248+05

Here are the Question ID's if you'd like to look up: 287 & 323