Questions on the MEI initial


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MEI initial is coming up next week. Just have some questions:

1. Can we reference the PTS on the ground and in the air, or is it better to memorize all the PTS standards(such as +/-1- degrees heading in a power off stall)?
Or would anyone recommend typing it all out on sheet of paper for quick reference. In reality I would have the PTS with me while teaching a student anyways.

2. How much systems is covererd, and do I need to be able to draw out any system in the plane. I assume the answer is yes on this one. I have everything drawn out already, so I hope I can just reference it during the oral.

3. Is x-country planning covered during the MEI? To what extent?
Any other tips and advice would be great. Thanks.
1. All of this should be memorized. Looks more professional, and greatly reduces your workload and stress.

2. Again, be able to draw or refer to any system on the aircraft. This is an initial CFI checkride so you need to be a specialist on your plane.

3. The examiner could have you plan a quick XC during the oral but I didn't have to do any of this for my MEI initial.

4. Don't forget all the FOI stuff, that will probably come first on the oral.
Definitely know your PTS standards COLD. I'd hate to be flying, have the DE fail my engine, and have to look up my standards with my hands full.

For my CFI initial I made up flash cards that stated the objective of every maneuver (Right now I'm going to teach you a short field landing and the objective of this maneuver is...) and I included the PTS standards along with the key points of every maneuver. I memorized them and I still don't use my PTS while in flight with a student. I have it accessible, but I've rarely needed to pull it out during a flight.
Everything so far has been pretty much right on but the big part of the ride is Vmc. It's the meat nad potatoes of the MEI. Know it COLD.

All the other stuff you can look up but as a MEI you should KNOW Vmc/single engine aerodynamics.
Just fly the airplane within +/- 0 of everything and you won't have to worry about such trivial things as PTS.