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Are there any flights schools out there with Cirrus SR-72's that you can train on or even rent? If it was possible I think I would prefer to train on a SR-72 over a C-172. I imagine if any flight school had them they would charge a ton for them.
Good luck with that one. Beisdes I think flying cessna's early in your training is fun. If I owned a Cirrus I WOULD NOT let ppl students train in it. They weren't built to be slammed on the runway like a 172.
Learn to fly first in the easiest safest aircraft - once you have your license you can go fly the fun stuff.
There is a flight school at KPDK that has a club that rents SR22's. I dont know all the rules or regs the require because they also do fractional with them. The name of the school is Elite Flight School. They website is down right now for construction but you can go through and type in KPDK and scroll down until you see them.
I'm planning on making a start to my PPL within the next couple of months. Hopefully before December. And yes I will be starting on a 172. I guess if I started on a Cirrus it would be like learning to drive on a brand new BMW 7 series
... I agree with all of you that the 172 is a much more suitable aircraft for a trainer than a Cirrus. But the Cirrus would just be an aircraft that I would prefer fly over a 172 (if I could) mainly because it's my favorite general aviation aircraft. I love the design of the cockpit, exterior, and the safety features are such a plus. I have a friend who was going to buy one in 2001, but he had to give up flying shortly after 911 because of a type of cancer he got in his neck. Such a pitty!!!!
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