Question on Pilot pay scale


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I have a quick question hopefully someone here can answer for me. I have been looking at the pay scales for the different airlines, and besides the fact of how little they make, can someone tell me what the difference between Line Time is and Reserve time? I don't want to assume anything and would just like to know if the reserve time is up to the pilot or if it is a manditory on call status.
Being on reserve is like being on call. Theyll give you a block of time that you are to be availble and to the airport in XXX number of minutes(depends on teh airline). Being on reserve is not desireable to most at the regional level is b/c you get the minumum days off most of the time, and you are chained to the cell phone for 12 hours a day. Also, you can be sent on wild trip sequences with deadheads and rellocations etc...Having a line is much better (although i wouldnt know from first hand expeince
) b/c you know your schedule almost a month in advance, get more days off, and no exactly where ya gonna be and when. Hope that helps.
A line holder is a person who has enough seniority to fly a set schedule. Let's say company X has 100 pilots and only enough flying for 80 set schedules, or lines, the remaining 20 pilots would have what's called a reserve line.

A reserve line, depending on the airline, is generally when you are "on call" and must be able to get to the airport to fly in a certain amount of time.

As far as pay goes, most airlines pay you the same hourly rate regardless of which line you hold. You get paid based on how many years you've been with the company. Some companies pay line holders a minimum of let's say 75 hours per month, and only 72 hours to reserve holders.

Hope this was what you were looking for.
Thanks for the info guys, you cleared that up, I was under the impression that if you where on a line schedule, that you could also be on the reserve schedule for extra $$$.
You can always pick up overtime if its available. You could also switch with a reserve pilot so they get your scheduled flights and you now sit reserve...Also these things vary from airline to airline and some have Jr Mannining. This is where if a trip becomes available for whatever reason, possibly someone calling in sick, and no reserves are available, they will call in reverse seniority people who are on their day off to cover the trip. Jr Manning is not a good thing.
Yup...Luckily the company i work for doesnt have Jr Manning, and its nice to be able to relax once your off the clock.