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When a pilot enters a regional airline is it a pretty good bet that they will be required to relocate? The main reason I'm asking is that my wife and I currently are involved in a custody dispute of my step-son, and unfortunately we have a moving restiction of only a few miles from our county, hopefully we can adventually get this restriction removed, but right now it's there. Do the regional airlines require new hire pilots to be on some sort of "on-call" system on their scheduled days off, so they would be required to remain within 2 hours of their base for instance? And if you do relocate, do many companies have you relocating numerous times? Right now I'm just trying to figure out if the regionals would be a realistic position since we are some what restricted. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
As far as being on-call on your days off - if you are at the bottom of the senority ladder all of your days ON will be on-call and you must be ready to fly within two hours. After you have some senority you can bid on a regular line and won't be on call at all. Either way you will never be on call during your days off.

Most airlines offer flight bennefits that allow you to live anywhere you want and commute via airliner. If you are on reserve (on-call) you must be in your base city for the entire 24-hour day that you are on duty (unless you are flying a trip of course.) Commuting to work usually adds a day to your trip you are flying, so this might not be practical if you are working for a regional as you won't probably won't have many days off. Relocation may be a better option. However, you probably won't have to relocate to another country unless you are working for an airline in another country, so if you apply for airlines with bases in your country you should be fine.

You said county not country. Yea, that might be a problem. If there are any airlines with bases close to where you live you might be able to work around that but even then you may not be based at the domicile of your choice. Of course different companies have different pollicies so you may be able to find one that will be flexible with your situation.

Good luck!