Question for you CFI types...


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For those of you that are "full time" CFI's right now, how many hours dual given are you averaging per month?
Total instruction billed out, probably 75-85hrs, flying time, I would estimate hovers between 65-70hrs/mo. so far. Not bad, especially given the times.
Between 95-115 flying. I usually have to watch my 8 hours in 24 preatty close. I work at two schools, 7 days a week usually from 8-9 am to about 7-8pm, EVERYDAY. I am very lucky to be flying so much.

P.S. Don't do this, you will burn out. I am reaching the burn out phase as we speak. Funny thing is, I am tired, but not of flying/instructing.

Edit: I also have a wife/ 2 1/2 year old, so I need the money.
Yeah I vary between about 100/mo billed to 40/mo billed. Depends on Wx and type of students.

Students that have money up front and just get to it are way better than pay as they go.
I have been getting 50-70 hours a month during the summer. Unfortunately once Ohio hits winter my flying will go down just about 0.
I'm kinda middle of the road right now. Avg around 60-70. better than summer 08-spring 09. but nowhere near what i wuz doing the year before that. Those were the days when I wuz @ the 8 hr mark at least 2-3x's a week. Not complaining though. I've still got a job flying airplanes! :cool:
I would say I fly somewhere near 100 hours a month. I also work all day as another CFI mentioned. I commute 110 miles a day in L.A. traffic. I usually only take one day off a week to spend with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, my brain is so frazzled at that point for any real quality time. I am on the road when it's dark outside in the morning and come home well after sunset; A couple 16hr days during the week isn't unusual.

Bottom line, even in this economy you can make it. I am extremely worn out and on autopilot, excuse the pun. I still love flying. There's no way I could work so hard if I didn't love it so much. Make sure you do as well before you spend big bucks on flight training to get you tickets.

I suggest working in the largest metropolitan area near you and try to work independent. It's the only way to survive and make a check during these challenging times.
7 days a week and 12hr days...I don't blame ya! ;)

...and you still find time to come here and talk about flying...:eek:


Yeah, only because it's either The Upside Down Show(kid) or Bridezilla's(misses) on the tube when I get home.:insane:
I suggest working in the largest metropolitan area near you and try to work independent. It's the only way to survive and make a check during these challenging times.'s one way. I wouldn't say it's the only way.

To the OP, I've been billing about 75 hours/month lately, but I also work in the office a lot as a manager on top of my teaching. I don't really know how much flying I do. Maybe 40 hours/month.

The two other instructors at my school have each been billing 50 hours/month and flying 30-40/month maybe. One instructor is retired and doesn't want to be any busier, while the other is a new instructor who is still building a customer base.

The strange thing is, we've had a slow summer but things look to be picking up as we go in to the fall and winter months. Usually it's the other way around. Who knows what'll happen.
Only been CFIing since March but was averaging about 80/hr billed a month. Last month I billed 155, and probably going to hit about 110 this month.
Thanks for all of the replies. As you can see by my user name and "Flight Loggn" Sig, i am just starting. I know I want some sort of career in aviation eventually, but my age (35) and my unwillingness to "borrow my way into oblivion" may hinder how far I go. Just trying to get an idea of what I have to look forward to.
60ish flight and about 40-50ish ground. But I have a few CFI students. Last year flew over 850.