Question For Commercial or Military Pilot!


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I have a project for one of my classes, and I need to interview someone in the field that I want to go in, which would be a pilot. The catch is, she needs a business card, or some sort of proof that I actually did it. So if you could answer the questions and e-mail me your business card or some sort of "proof" I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

1. What experience or knowledge is required to do your job?
2. How do the competencies, Think, Value, Communicate, Act, apply to this career?
3. What type of projects or assignments must you meet each day (what is a typical day on the job like?)
4. Does your job require overtime and what is a work schedule like?
5. What is the salary range for entry level?
6. Can you suggest some ways a student could obtain this necessary experience?
7. What is the biggest challenge you encounter?
8. What advice would you give someone thinking about this career?

-These answers don't have to be long, just quick short answers----
Once again I could really use your help, and I greatly, greatly thank you for your time...have a good day.
Hmm... do you mind telling us the name of the school and teacher first? This is your first post so no one knows you. You could be a reporter or anything, really. Not trying to be a jerk - but I think a little verification is in order before people start sending you contact information.
Hey everyone, I understand that I'm new to JetCareers so I went under new members and introduced myself. Thanks to everyone, and enjoy talking to you in the future.