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I have a question for all you CFIs out there. It's not regarding anything flight related, I was just wondering how everyone survives financially. I will be graduating from college this summer with a degree in Aviation Administration. I will soon have my commercial and will be going towards the CFI route. I am wondering how you all are able to instruct for a living while still being able to pay the bills. As the industry looks right now, we will all be flight instructing for quite some time. I found out last week that I am being furloughed from my job as a customer service agent for US Airways Express. They decided to close down our station due to low pax loads. Wasn't the graduation gift I was looking for, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise so that I may finish my flight training and work my way to the regionals. I guess I am just in need of a pep talk. Any thoughts and ideas will help! thanks guys (and girls!)

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Its simple, live at home! Seriously, I have no idea since Im in college and live at home. Ive made almost $100 my first week though, Im assuming it will get better. Surly $200 a week is livable.
You got it sloburnone. That's what I do now and intend on falling back on it when times get tough instructing. One maybe two nights a week and I'm fine with the Bizzles.
Coming from a barely surviving CFI-what's the best way to learn bartending? You arent' the first to suggest it...
depends where you live... i got my training ojt,vegas style..start as a stupid barback and worked my arse off to learn and be as fast as possible..hell, i can work circles around people my company hired who have actually went to bartender school, yet in some places that may be the way to advice is to buy a bartender book like "vegas bartenders guide" and just memorize it..
BTW- vegas bartenders guide is paperback and small enough to fit in a back pocket. doesn't have everything but, it covers the most common.
Bartending is a good Idea, but it is very hard to break into, at least around here anyway. From all the restaurant professionals I've spoken to in the past, going to "bartending school" is a waist of money and time. It's all about working your way up.

Another option that I personally do is lawn care. It's hard work, but there is serious money involved. I just started my business and already have 6 yards and counting. Using this method, I plan to put enough money in savings to carry my through the winter. Depending on how many yards you do, it is quite possible, and practical to make 20k in one summer. Not too shabby if you ask me...
I went to school for it. Took only 6 hours a day for 5 days. Found a job the next week. Up here, even in the suburbs, there's bars everywhere and they want experience or training.
See if you can finish your training up at an academy which will guarantee you a CFI job after you graduate. That's what I did and I am supporting my wife and two kids. I grossed a little under 27 grand last year. Granted, we aren't living the high life but I am paying the bills. I guarantee that if I can pay the bills for my FAMILY, you can pay your bills being single.
I bartend, I would say at least 60% of whats in those bartenders books nobody orders. I learned by waitering for 2 years.

I would suggest bartending at a catering place. The hours are MUCH better, if you bartend at a bar you have to work to 4am. At my place i get out at around 12-1am. Weddings are great. I come out with 150-300 a night plus 50 a shift. Plus you get to meet a lot of nice looking ladies. One other thing, you dont have to worry about any bar fights because its all family and friends