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I had a guy tell me one day that he generally has no idea whether or not he's flying a 757 or a 767 until he either steps down (757) or steps up (767) in the flight deck.

Do you guys use these two aircraft types as interchangeably as the passenger airlines do? We have trips where you can fly a 757 from LAX to SLC, then a 767-200 from SLC-ATL and then a 767-300 from ATL to JFK in a single day.
Do you guys use these two aircraft types as interchangeably as the passenger airlines do?

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Yes, Doug. I flew both our B757's and B767-300's. We have/had lines where we'd could fly inbound to the sort on a 75 and outbound on a 76. Some of our lines we're pure 75 and some were pure 76 but a lot were a mix of both.
No one operatesd the 757 in OZ, and therefore ive never been in one or seen one close up. I didnt realise they are so imilar.
WHats the difference?
Size? Pax?
It's a common type rating. Your license will read, "B757/767" no matter what aircraft you train in. UPS uses a B767 FBS trainer and two sims. One sim is configured with PW engines and one is configured with RR engines. The 767 FBS is configured with GE engines. This represents what we have on the line.

There are differences between the two aircraft and if you're going to be flying both then you'll likely go through a 1-2 day differences class. For the most part though, they're the same airplane, one is just bigger. It's like the different sizes in U-Haul trucks. They both may look the same while sitting in the cab but you're aware one is bigger and handles slightly different than the smaller one and all the buttons and knobs may be slightly different yet familiar enough to not be a problem.

There are minor differences on how they handle but that is easily overcome with a little time and experience in each. Some prefer the B757 and some the B767. They're both great airplanes and are more alike than different.
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Have you flown the 757/767?
If so, which do you prefer?
You can sometimes tell as the 767 has the option to vent fuel, while in the 757 you either have to circle, or land over weight.

The 757 the sports car in the garage, the 767 Cadi in the garage.
A few years ago we had a Capt who was in a 757 at the time and as they powered up and got a roll up to about 110 kts heard something go boom..He said for a min they thought of the cans in a 767 shifting then remember he as a 757 so he idled throttle and speed brakes out and stood and the brakes. The boom he heard turned out to be the over line in First class galley. Catering/FA had not secured it tight. Mtc would up changing all 8 tires on main and all brakes. He blew the tires and brakes were red hot. Plane sat on taxiway for about 4 hrs.

I read your perspective... Have you decided on the MD11? I see the A300 in MHT a lot lately. Do you fly in MHT at all? UPS flies the 757/767 in there as well. Seems a bit odd to fly two similar sized aircraft (A300/767) into MHT but I'm certainly no expert in the matter.
UPS flies the 757/767 in there as well. Seems a bit odd to fly two similar sized aircraft (A300/767) into MHT but I'm certainly no expert in the matter

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Sometimes, due to mechanicals and the need to cover trips within the UPS system, an A300 is replaced with a B767 to MHT. The have very similiar payload capabilities.

Haven't decided yet on the MD-Lemon. The thought of going back to the school house, especially during the summer, doesn't excite me enough.

I've flown the MHT trip quite a bit over the years. The most senior A300 Capt bids it all the time because he knows he'll get displaced since they like to use it for training flights so it's hard for anyone else to get it.

The B757 goes to PHL while the A300 goes back to SDF each day.
I'm curious as to why both a 757 and a 767/A300 are flown in MHT. Why not one MD-11, for example? Just wondering...

Does UPS fly 747's?
I'm curious as to why both a 757 and a 767/A300 are flown in MHT

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I guess I wasn't clear in my above response. It's because one aircraft (the B757) flies to PHL and the other (B767 or the A300)flies to SDF. It's all about the "lift capability" requirement for a particular flight. The PHL flight only requires the lift capabilities of a B757 and the SDF flight only requires the lift capabilities of a B767 or A300.

Why not one MD-11, for example? Just wondering...

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The above flights don't require the lift capabilities of a MD11. If they did, you'd see a MD11 coming into MHT.

Does UPS fly 747's?

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Yes, we have around 12 whales. They're very old 100 and 200 series aircraft. The company is in the process of phasing them out and are looking into a new heavy lift replacement aircraft. In the running is the A380, B744 or A340-500/600. And no, before you ask, you'll probably never see one of these coming into MHT.
You were clear
It was I who was assuming too much. I sounds like UPS must have multiple package processing facilities (PHL and SDF I assume). I was under the impression that UPS had one giant processing facility (like FedEx) where every package gets routed through, hence the capacity of two planes question. If they have multiple processing facilities than it makes sense for 757 and 767/A300 etc.

Care to speculate for the heavy-lift choice (A380, 744 etc)?
If I had to guess I'd say the 744 for its nose-loading capabiility. Unless, of course, UPS really needs the capacity of an A380. Then obviously the 744 can't compete against that plane.

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I believe there are several in the running...I know we have a mngmt pilot over in Europe as we speak cking out the A380..I also think the 777 is a consideration as well....Lift, price. reliability and fleet commonality all play a role,,,,,I dont think the "nose loading capabilty" is an issue....Let me know if you have any more questions.............Jeff
I think there is a problem with the 777, the design was never really made for cargo, I am not sure but I remember something about a carbon fiber floor that can not support the weight needed.
If the 777 wasn't designed to be a freighter it makes me wonder why Boeing discontinued the MD-11. The three holers are popular freighters. Boeing could have sold the MD-11 as a freighter only, thus not competing with the 777 in the pax market. The MD-11 probably would have been a better choice (over the 767) for the tanker contract that the DOD just cancelled. Boeing probably could have sold another couple of hundred MD-11 airframes in these two markets alone over the past/next five years. I'd still like to see the 744 in UPS' fleet.
I was over at MHT the other day. UPS had an A300 and 757. FedEx had TWO MD-11's! Which was rare. Anyway, it was sort of neat to see all the cargo planes there. Oh, and you can't forget Airbone's DC-9
Yeah, it was really neat! I was driving around the perimeter, when I saw these two tails above the trees. They both were purple and had an engine on each one. I thought "no way!"

Do you ever spot at MHT?