Question about vicodin prescription


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Hi Doc,
I am scheduled for a First Class physical on Tuesday (3 days from now). Today I had a tooth extracted, and was prescribed Hydrocodone/APAP 5/500mg, along with Clindamycin 150mg to treat any potential infection. My question is, upon my FAA DOT drug test showing positive for this prescription, will I get into trouble with the FAA even though I have a valid prescription on the bottle with my name on it? I also have a letter signed by the oral surgeon specifying that he performed oral surgery on me. I already completed my online medical form with the FAA two days previous, so where can I specify that I am taking these medications?
1) There should not be a random DOT urine because you should self-ground for the Vicodin until you have not taken any for 24 hours.
2) The AME can add it to the 8500-8