Question about TAF from military airfield


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Now and then I check the TAF at Brunswick Naval Air (NHZ), which is down the coast from me. Can anyone help me decode part of this TAF? In the TAF there are some extra numbers between the wind and clouds (9000, 6000, 8000). What the heck are these? I cant find any reference to them in FAA AC 00-45E and they don't make any sense as times, wind, or cloud info. Seems like it could be an altitude reference for what follows... anyone?

KNHZ 312121 19010KT 9000 HZ FEW030 SCT080 BKN200 QNH3018INS
BECMG 0003 17004KT 6000 BR SCT002 BKN030 BKN080 OVC200
FM0700 VRB02KT 0800 FG BKN002 OVC030 QNH3010INS
BECMG 1113 15008KT 8000 BR FEW003 BKN020 BKN080 OVC200
TEMPO 1821 6000 -SHRA BR BKN020 OVC080

BTW like a complete idiot I gave this TAF to a student to decode as part of a homework assignment. Please save me before tomorrow afternoon!


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Visibility in metres. 9999 is greater than 6 miles. Learn the military stuff prior to giving it to your students!


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Found it on the web a few seconds later as well... Thanks.

The expected prevailing visibility is forecast in meters. Forecast visibility greater than 9000 meters (6 miles) is indicated by coding 9999.


0400 - Visibility one-quarter mile
0800 - Visibility one-half mile
1600 - Visibility one mile
2400 - Visibility one and one-half miles
3200 - Visibility two miles
4200 - Visibility two and one-half miles
4800 - Visibility three miles
6000 - Visibility four miles
8000 - Visibility five miles
9000 - Visibility 6 miles
9999 - Visibility 7 or more miles