Question about reserve flying?


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If a pilot is on reserve, which to clarify is a set period of two-four days when the pilot is on-call right? Anyway, if the pilot is on reserve, can they also bid for flying on their days off as well? I read that somewhere and was just curious if that was true? Can a line holder do that?

And what is highest a pilot is permitted to fly in a month?

Thanks for any replies
It depends on the contract you work under and how many days you work during your reserve period. My company maintains a higher level of reserves than most, so it's not ususual for those guys to not work too hard. If there are open trips, a guy could pick them up on his days off. Like I said about the contract, some airlines have limits on how much extra work you can do. Our limits are pretty high. I think the cap is 196 hours in 56 days, when our normal pay for that time frame would be 150 hours. A three day trip is worth about 20 hours, so you could pick up an extra three day trip every four weeks.

A lineholder can do it, too. My basic rule is that I don't do extra flying unless it happens to be a VERY easy trip. One where I get paid for three days but only work one because of the deadheads. The trip would also have to be close to where I live.

Some guys never pick up open time and others LIVE off of it. Another bad thing about working extra is the company loves it cause they don't have to hire more pilots.
At most regionals the picture is not as pretty, and reserve is typically not a desirable thing to be on. You bid reserve lines at my company when you didnt get any of teh lines you bid for, b/c of seniorty. 11 days off is what reserve lines have at my company, ive heard as low as 8 days off. Most are 4 on 3 off, or 5 on 2 off....There is a 12 hours oncall windown inwhich you are required to be withing X Number of minues (depends on the airline). THeyll assign ya trips ahead of times if for whatever reason they couldnt work it into a line, or someone called in sick, or is using a vacation day. Sometimes they call ya at the last minute due to someone calling "off". There really isnt alot of time left to pick up open time when you only get 11 days off to begin with.