Question about BFR for UK pilot


I have never done a BFR for a foreign pilot and now some questions are popping up. First, some background info. He is a UK citizen, living and working in the US. He has both a CAA and FAA private pilots certificate. Basically, he got his FAA certificate just by showing the FSDO his CAA certificate. Prior to starting his BFR, he hadn't flown in over three years.

On his FAA certificate it states, "All limitations and restrictions on the United Kingdom pilot license apply." One of the remarks on his CAA license says, "The privileges may only be exercised if the flight test or experience requirements of the Air Navigation Order have been satisfied and the licence includes a valid medical certificate."

My question is about the experience requirements of the Air Navigation Order and how it relates to FAA experience requirements. Does a FAA BFR satisfy the UK experience requirements and entitle him to exercise the privileges of his FAA certificate? Or does the UK experience stuff not even matter since he is flying in the US? The thing that keeps tripping me up is the limitation on the back of the FAA certificate about the UK limitations and restrictions. I am freakin' confused........

Any ideas? I may just call the FSDO, but I have a feeling this may confuse them as well. Thanks everybody.