Question about airport management & operations jobs in foreign countries


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If an airport/airfield operations employee who was trained to FAA & TSA standards (ie. Part 139, AC150 series, TSRs, certification from AAAE, Bachelor's Aviation Management degree), would he be able to work in a foreign airport outside the U.S. (ie. Europe, Asia, etc)? Is the education and training useful in other countries or do other countries have very different training standards?

Are airport certification standards more or less the same as the U.S.?

Do other countries actually require an airport employee to get a license or certificate by a foreign civil aviation authority in order to work in airport or airfield operations (like how you need a license/certificate from the FAA to work in ATC, pilot, mechanic, etc.)?

I am not interested in working in a foreign airport but just wanted to know the process if one wants to work in a foreign airport but trained and educated to FAA/TSA airport regulations and standards.


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I'd say that airport jobs overseas are like they are here...largess that is handed out to idiot nephews of politictians and/or governement fuctionaries/strongmen.