Question About Airlines


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Quick question, when you get a type rating for a certain jet and are certified to fly it, can you fly all the different variations of the aircraft you are assigned too? For example, can a pilot fly the 737-300, 737-400, 737-800, etc, at the same time or only just say, perhaps, the 737-400?

Thanks, just got curious as I was flying MS Flight Sim.
It depends, the 747's you either fly the classic (100,200, 300, and SP) or the 400, some planes like the 737 with some operators have them split to the old <500 and >600 while some operators spend the money their pilots fly all types of the 737.
If you get a 737 type, you need to get "differences training" to fly the Next Generation (737-600/700/800) versions. Or, if you are typed in the NGs, you need differences training for the classic models.