PVT VFR Multi passed


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Had my checkride today out of DVT, AZ and passed. The previous few flights had been within PTS and the Ground went fine so the flight was nice and easy (apart from the traffic pattern being a zoo, and a slightly hard one engine (full stall) landing in the Seminole, which held up fine.

I'm chilling now, thinking what to do next - SE timebuilding from 210hr to 250 and Comm Multi VFR initial probably before I tackle the lovely Instrument work.

It took me a week from arriving in AZ, and I logged 11.9 hrs, great fun to move up to a more complex, solid airplane. :beer:

Thanks man, it was a blast, the Seminole flies very nicely and is an easy plan to transition to for the Cessna 152/172 pilot. The school has a Seneca which I'd be tempted to try out :D


Why did you decide to do the PMEL? Why do the Comm before the IR?

Not judging, just interested in your decision?