Purdue Scholars Day


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Hey guys, I have a quick question about Purdue Scholars Day. It apparently is a program for accepted students with the highest grades. I got an invitation for it today. Since I live in NY, does anyone think it would be worth it for me to go? Is it something special, or does practically everyone get invited?
If you have the time and money to go and want to then head for Lafayette - if you have something better to do those days then I wouldn't worry about it. Probably a good place to start meeting and networking with some fellow students and all of that but it's not that big of a deal if you don't go. There will be a million 'functions' available to you at Purdue - pick and chose those that sound interesting to you.

Depending on what they're doing it may be interesting but I don't know that I would travel all the way from NY for it.