Purchasing aviation products online


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I need to order a microphone cover for my David Clarks and a logbook cover. I've looked at Sportys and Marv Golden, and both want like $7 for shipping.

Am I looking at the wrong sites? Does anyone recommend a better site that doesn't rape you on shipping charges for such a small product?
Your best bet is to wait to get the item until you need a few more things. That way the shipping charges get spread out over a number of products and aren't nearly so exorbitant (sp?). You can probably get a mike muff locally though without a problem
Yeah I find that very strange too. I order various things from a place that charges $6.95 for a flat rate shipping fee for UPS ground. But it has yet to come by UPS, it came from Airborne 2nd Day Air both times. I just ordered something else and it was 20 lbs for $6.95. Talk about super cheap.

Like cime_sp said, wait till you need a few more things or wait for an FBO that you visit, most have them.

I see you are in Grand Rapids. I live in Holland and I order from AvShop.com quite often and everytime I have placed an order with standard ground shipping before 4pm, my package has come the very next day. They are very nice people and went out of their way to help. Highly recommend them.