Proof that they let anyone have kids nowadays


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According to his facebook status our very own Polar742 has a new addition to the family! Congrats Martin! Mom and baby are doing well (again according to facebook)!


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Congrats Martin:rawk:

The day I have a kid though will be undeniable proof anyone can have a kid:p


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Thanks so much for the well wishes. Turns out the boy was 10.3 lbs, alot bigger this way than going the other.

Mom and midget are doing well.

More pics at LAS, but here's one fresh out the oven:


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Congrats!!!!!! That is so awesome to hear. I'm ready to meet my boy(s)/girl(s). Only a few more months...


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Congratulations!!!:nana2: Good looking baby, He looks like he already has the "Pilot look"!


Hmm, I just see this now as Polar tells me he had a kid like a long time ago and I'm like why didn't you tell me and he's like there was a thread on JC and I'm like wha? So here I am saying Congrats to that Korea fanatic known as Polar742.

PS I should have seen this on facebook. Sorry dude.


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WOW! Just saw this after not being on JC with any regularity the last few days. Congrats, Martin! BIG BABY!!!
Glad to hear everything went well. Unless I missed it, I didn't catch his name.