Promised Class date...No FOL. What's with that?


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Hey guys and gals. I've recently stumbled onto this site, and I'm glad it's now and not when I orginally applied back in April 07. This process has driven me nuts. Now I did have some things in my youth that had me going through extra hoops but I'm on my way. So here is my deal, just like many of you I'm waiting to hear back from Mr. Anderson. One of his paper pushers called me last week to set up a class date of Nov 13. Now that is fine and dandy but I trust nothing until it is in writing. Has anyone else had this happen to them and do they come through as promised???


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This is normal. I got a phone call first telling me when I'd start class. That was followed up by an email copy of the FOL about a week later. Finally, I received a paper copy of the FOL via USPS 2-3 weeks after the phone call. I don't think you need to worry. And if you are starting Nov. 13th, we'll be in the same class! :nana2:

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This process has driven me nuts.
It's by design... and it's a preview of what the next 25 years will be like. You are entering into one of the most stressful realms in existence. One that can test the farthest limits of human endurance. Almost daily, you will be expected to handle seemingly impossible demands and do so without hesitation. You will frequently go home after a shift shaking your head, wondering whatever possessed you to pursue this line of work in the first place.

Oh, yeah... they're also gonna want you to keep airplanes separated, handle emergencies and do all that other air trafficky stuff.



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Yeah isn't that great a week before class starts. Not like I have a life here that I need time to wrap up. It's all good....I guess


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My class starts in 8 days and I haven't got that UPS package yet. I got a firm offer in an e-mail and my HR rep swears they're going to mail that package, but at this rate I'll probably graduate from the academy by the time it gets to me.


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If they're sending FOLs again, that's a change from how they were doing things. My HR rep told me that they had ceased to send the hard copy of the FOL, and that the email version was the only copy a candidate would receive. (The email version is all I got.)

After being informed of a class date, you should receive a "welcome packet" - although good luck figuring out when you're going to get it. I got mine two days before I was supposed to be in class. It will have information like: 1. Where do I show up?; or 2. What time do I report on my first day?


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Alright I received my e-mail FOL last Friday and my hard copy arrived today. Class starts on November 13th....Juliet Indigo Mike, out!:nana2: