Program Completion and Beginning


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We want to congratulate Charles Blandon for completing his SEC, CFI, CFII. We wish him the best of luck in the future. :nana2:

We would also like to welcome Jim Rogers for his Private Pilot.
Thank you all at White Air: Alan, Kim, Jacob, Gavin, Nick, Steve Hubert, and everybody and anybody :yup:

Squirt squirt, you guys forgot to congratulate me on the infamous MEI ;)

As Deniz mentioned, let`s find me a job!!!

Thanks Travis, and keep an eye out for me in Florida. :D

Good luck to Jim on that private. Have you soloed yet?

Charles, aka smokey joe :bandit:
Hey Charles, I posted your famous MEI on the Multi Engine rides with Eric's. I wouldn't leave that one out. It is too famous.