Professional FBOs


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After reviewing some of the "big" academies(PanAm, FSI, Comair, etc) I have been considering looking into a smaller school. Can anyone recommend a good FBO that would take a full-time student from a PPL-MEI in a relatively short amout of time at a relatively good cost? (Given that "relatively" covers a lot of ground). A school that hires its grads as instructors would be a plus aw well, although my eventual goals are the regionals and majors. Does anyone have some personal experience they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance!
Keep in mind that most FBOs operating under part 61 will not have a set schedule for training. You will train at your own pace and will get your ratings as fast as you can/want to. So you don't really need to compare how fast you will get your ratings becasue it will pretty much be the same at any FBO. Get a good instructor and you might get them faster.

P.S. Where are you wanting to train? You can find FBO's all over the country.
I tried this, and found the 5 local FBO's really specialize in PPL training and maybe instrument. I was unable to find a CFI who could fly with me 2-3x a day, to work at the pace of a large flight school. The CFI's all have other jobs (who can blame them) and aircraft availability wasn't there. Not to mention the lack of a rentable twin on the field-so getting ME would entail going somewhere else anyway.