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Couple questions. I want to join and I dont really care what branch. I have pretty bad eye sight though. Looking into getting PRK. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the waiver process. Also does anyone know if a Dr. can actually tell if you have had the procedure?


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I fly with a few guy's who have had PRK, so a waiver should not be a problem.

Not sure if if a Doctor can actually tell if you had the procedure, but falsifying your records (i.e. trying to hide it) will lead to other issues. Something to think about.


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The army gave me PRK last January and now im 20/15. Before the surgery I was 20/440. As long as you can get in with your vision the way it is I would let the military do the procedure for you. That way its free. As for the army they made us have no airborne ops (pilot or jumpers) for 30 days. If you got Lasik however you had to wait 12 months for airborne ops and then apply for a waiver. So I definately recommend the PRK...
Any questions just PM'me.


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Yes, PRK is fine. If you lie about getting it, I'm sure it'll come up somewhere, somehow. If that happens, you'll be royally f'd.

As was mentioned, you just need the 12 month time frame before getting a waiver issued. (By the time you go through the process, you'll be close anyway.)

I had LASIK done in early 2003 and just went through Brooks for the USAF and got my LASIK waiver/FC1 approved this past Friday.

IMHO, if you can, get it done now so it won't be an issue later.