Private Pilot Currency


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Hi, I had another question on being current. Now I know that you need a minimum 3 touch and goes or 3 full stop landing at night in the previous 90 days to be able to carry passengars. The definition given is that these landings/touch & goes have to be in an aircraft of the same category and class and, if a type rating is required, of the same type.

So 172 and 182RG are the same category and class, but of course not the same type. So if you have 3 landings in 172, are those good for 182RG as well? Is type rating only for aircraft above 12,500 pounds? Thanks
Category and class means category and class. Both a 172 and a 182RG are airplanes, single engine.

Other than the definition of when a type rating is required (you can look it up as easily as I) yo'yll know you have a type rating because you will have had a formal priactical test with an examiner and your pilot certificate will have the type printed on the back under "ratings"
Is type rating only for aircraft above 12,500 pounds? Thanks

A type rating is for aircraft weighing more then 12,500 OR is a Turbojet.

Meaning a turboprop is not considered a turbojet even though it uses the same principle to move forward (its thrust is by way of a propeller and not expanding exhaust gases leaving out the rear of the jet nozzle)

SO...a King Air 90 which is Turboprop doesn't need a Type rating BECAUSE its below 12,500 MTOW and isn't powered by a JET

BUT a King Air 350 does need a Type rating because it IS more then 12,500 MTOW although its only a Turboprop

Same with the other way the Eclipse 500 is below 12,500 MTOW BUT is a TurboJET so it requires a type rating

ok...I'm done.