Pressure Altitude


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Set the altimeter to 29.92 inches of mercury or 1013 milibars or whatever you use for standard pressure and read what the altimeter says. You gain about 1000 ft of altitude for every inch below standard, you lose about 1000 ft for every inch above.

It's true altitude (height above mean sea level) corrected for non-standard pressure.


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Yes yes.....i know that....I should've been more clear. I meant how to calculate it without the use of an altimeter.....


Well for every 0.01" different from standard pressure altitude will be about 10' + or - from true altitude.

So if true = 6000' and the ASOS says 29.82... you're more like 6100' pressure altitude.


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*raising hand* I know how to calculate pressure...

*lowering hand* but i don't know how to calculate pressure altitude...

Just thought i'd make your day a bit *funnier*...