President of ATA?


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Wasn't the Pres. of the company a retired Delta pilot? What is/was his name?

His name is Jim Williams. He retired a few years ago from Delta after thirty years with them. He also had three sons that owned/ran the school. Their names are Rob, Scott and Jeff. Rob Williams is currently an L-1011 pilot (FO I think) with ATA (I know, it's ironic) and at least one of the other brothers used to fly for Comair. Actually, I think that both of them did.
Actually, the older brother is a 73 capt (at least that's how I heard it).

These guys should be banished like Pete Rose for the harm they intentionally caused on fellow pilots.
Several years ago when I first took a tour of Comair Academy I was told there that Jim Williams had started that school then Comair Airlines bought the place- exact dates I don't remember..........